Are Your Competitors Crushing You Online?

Nancy Threlfall - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Find Out Where You STAND!

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So what are you
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Your competition is heating up online. Are they snagging your potential prospects in the online arena and leaving you behind? If you sense it and feel it, it’s fact.

 Consider this:

  1. Reputation: 92% of users trust online recommendations from friends & family above all other sources of advertising! (A.C. Nielsen)
  2. Social Media: Companies finding that customer acquisition is being increased by utilizing Twitter (44%), Facebook(52%) and LinkedIn(62%). (HubSpot)
  3. Online Marketing: 83% are likely to tell a friend about a company that uses online sales promotions, such as special offers and coupons. (Forrester)

But, what can you do about it?
Find out where you stand with an Online Competitive Marketing Analysis. We’ll tell you how your company stacks up against your online competition, report your reputation in the marketplace, evaluate your ability to be searched and your social media presence and more…

Plus, we’ll help you fix it.



Frozen Stiff?

Nancy Threlfall - Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Your marketing efforts have a touch of frost bite?
Well then, throw off your mittens and connect with Threlfall Marketing, Your Virtual Marketing department. Offering a full suite of marketing & advertising services:
  • Website Design & Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Branding Refresh
  • Email Marketing
  • Print Advertising & Collateral
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • What you need. When you need it.

By the way, If you like our ice dragon, be sure to check out other fabulous ice sculptures carved by Kevin Gregory, 3-time Winter Cultural Olympic Medalist and owner of Ice Concepts, Inc.

Give the Gift of a Story

Trevor Feight - Tuesday, December 17, 2013
The Holidays are a time of stories - cherished stories, family stories, and pretend stories.

But what about your BrandStory?
How is your BrandStory expressed, not just to the outside world, but internally to build culture? Stories are cultural glue that bind us to our company, its mission, our teams and how we do things for our customers and each other.

Take a minute to think about the stories of heroic company efforts, small wins, values in action that build your culture.  Collect them. Tell them. Be a story anthropologist. Be a storyteller.

SoundBrights contributor, Gerry Lantz, President Stories That Work. 

Handwritten Thank You Notes for Breaking Through the Clutter

Nancy Threlfall - Friday, November 01, 2013

Clutter. How can you break through the clutter to establish or maintain relationships with business prospects, clients, and yes, friends? It’s retro. It’s easy. It’s cheap.  In a digital world where speed rules and relationships suffer, the art of the handwritten Thank You is making a comeback. Give it a try. You’ll be pleased with the response.

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